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Why isn’t my toilet flushing?

It could be a number of things; the outlet mechanism may be broken, the toilet is not filling, or your toilet may be clogged. Our plumbers can quickly identify and repair the problem.

What should I do when my pipe is leaking?

Turn off the water to the property promptly. Clean up any mess and call our plumbing team to fix your leaky pipe.

How do I know if I have a burst water pipe outside my home?

You may notice higher water bills, puddles in your yard, the water meter spinning when all fixtures are turned off, or the sound of running water when no taps are on. Using our leak detector, we can check your pipes without the need for destructive methods.

Why is my water pressure low and what can I do about it?

Many factors play a part in low water pressure, including faulty valves, or debris in water lines. Call our plumbers to identify the problem promptly.

If taps are hard to turn on and off, do I need to replace them with new taps?

No, not necessarily. It depends on the age and quality of the tap. Most times, a tap can be pulled apart and cleaned. Call our team to look at your taps.

Why does my drain keep blocking?

If you’ve tried the conventional drain clearing products and your drain still keeps on blocking, the problem could be bigger than grease, soap or hair. Flushing toiletries, such as napkins, or other foreign objects, including cigarette butts, toys etc. can get stuck in the pipes and block your toilet drain. Outgrown tree roots or fallen leaves could be yet another reason causing your outdoor drains to block.

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